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Meet Our Artists

Our professional artists at Extreme are dedicated to their art. Take a look at some of the art that Steve O and Katie do. They have years of experience working at our studio.

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“Katie is amazing! I appreciate her attention to detail, calm and patient demeanor and thoughtful questions and suggestions as we worked together to create exactly what I was looking for in my first tattoo.”

- Amy N.

My name is Steve eaux (Steve Smith). I enjoy spending time with my daughter, long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, unicorns and rainbows. I've been tattooing for about 10 yrs now. I've been at Extreme Tattoo since the beginning of my career in this industry. I think tattooing is an individual expression of one's self. In my spare time I like to do graffiti, riding BMX, and get monkeys drunk and try to teach them to ride unicycles while throwing fecal matter. I also enjoy Arizona half and half, camel blues, and collecting tire irons. I'd love to move to the middle of nowhere and live as a cave man and poop in the woods. I started tattooing in 2004, and specialize in full color traditional/neo-traditional tattoos, but I enjoy other styles as well. I like to try my hand at many different crafts outside of tattooing as well, including; custom/commissioned acrylic paintings. When I am not tattooing or being crafty, I am most-likely hunting for unicorns.

Steve O

Steve O

Eric Bauman

I began tattooing in November ’94, and have owned Extreme since 1996. I specialize in portraiture, black and grey, and award-winning tribal. I enjoy airbrushing, and work on a number of custom and commissioned projects. If I’m not tattooing I can be found riding or working on my motorcycle. I also greatly enjoy the outdoors, but am known to wreck my ankle when I spend too much time camping and hiking.